Monday, August 19, 2013

Honoring my husband

I've known my DH for 18 years- we've been married for 14 years (YIKES) and he is a wonderful person. He's strong, smart, and an awesome provider. I love him. A few weeks ago my friend Jessica blogged about the lack of respect men receive in this day and age. I agree- all too often men are ridiculed and portrayed as lazy and inept. So in true SU fashion, I used MDS to create a bookmark as a reminder how much he means to me and the kids.

I chose a bookmark because hubby is an avid reader and ironically enough, there's never a bookmark around when he needs one-- well, I fixed that!

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  1. Jess what an awesome idea! Gotta case this....we r indeed blessed and it is time to celebrate our men. Many blessings to you both and to you for honoring your dear husband! Love it...Jess


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