Saturday, October 5, 2013

Behavior Clip Chart

A few weeks ago a close friend shared with me her latest strategy to get her 3 y.o. son to help with chores, follow instructions, etc. When she described her system, ideas were going through my head and I thought, 'hey, I can not only do this but I can make this chart!' My 3 y.o. precious girl has a determination that oftentimes I need to help mold in a healthy way...or in layman's terms she can be 'hard headed!'

Behavior clip charts are all over the internet, especially Pinterest. I wanted to simplify my own system and use the word OBEY as an acrostic. I chose OBEY because it's important for my kids to learn to obey us as their parents and ultimately OBEY God all their lives.
O- obey the 1st time, B- best behavior, E- no excuses, Y- no yelling in the house.

I used a doily image on the letter O from SU MDS and overall I like how it turned out.

There are several aspects about this system that I like- she can reach it and it's visible on our refrigerator, when her behavior warrants a consequence, she has to pull a clip (take ownership of her actions), and over time if the laminated cards get a little worn, I can easily replace them or the clothespin.

I started off with 5 clips because of the 5 letters in her nickname and simply adorned them with SU DSP. She helped decorate them and is proud when at the end of her homeschooling day, all of her clips stayed put!

I follow a 3 strikes your out rule and if she keeps all of her clips, she can pick either a 'SWEET (candy), TREAT (toy from my dollar bin collections), OR MOVIE (30 min. movie privilege on my tablet). If she pulls one or 2 clips, she gets a small treat (sticker, etc.) with the incentive to try harder. She also has opportunities to win her clip back when I see she's truly trying...Again, super simple but is working wonders in my home.

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  1. Oh my!! I soo need this. Great idea!! I came to see this today (yest my phone gave me trouble and never posted my comment,grr) to case you and I saw the mini album (Also left a comment but nit sure it went thru). I love this!! What a cool idea!! Need more details so u will be getting a text soon. Love you my creative friend!


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