Sunday, October 6, 2013

Mini Scrapbook

For a long time now, I wanted to create a scrapbook for my youngest daughter. She amazes me every day with how smart she is, how she's grown into her role as big sister, and just how much fun she is!! I'm really enjoying this season of being home with her and teaching her all sorts of fun school stuff. I'm also dreading the day when she starts kindergarten but fortunately we're not there- YET!

My dearest friend Jessica and my SU Demonstrator wrote a tutorial a while ago on how to create a mini- scrapbook. I loved how the tutorial was easy to follow because of the images and it had well written instructions. So many months ago I made 2 albums and tucked it away with the best intentions to decorate it. Well, this week that all changed!

It took some time to gather my pictures, add some accessories/embellishments but it was totally worth it! My little girl likes her album and wants to "play with it". Now in my head I'm thinking 'there's no way you're going to bend, fold, pull, or peel off all this work I put into it' but my reply is 'Sure, let's take a look at it - together!'  ha ha

Now all I have to do is work on the album for my 6 year old. Why can't the responsibilities running a household wait until I finish all my crafts?!?!
All complete with the exception of adding a monogram on the front.

'Summer fun' is the theme of this album.

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  1. Oh my mentioned that tutorial and I thought ME?! WHEN??! Haha!! That is a super the colors you pick...and your answer to Miss Wants to play with it! Do what?! Sooo you! Every day you inspire me!!


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