Friday, December 13, 2013

MDS Watermark

For the longest time now I have been missing the watermark feature in Picasa. There used to be this cute program called Picnik that allowed you to add a watermark (text box) to photos- easy peasy. Why Google discontinued this service I'll never know but here's where MDS comes in...

I've heard of people using MDS to embellish their photos for watermarks but I never really gave it much thought until TODAY. I played around with MDS and love the ease of this wonderful program. I had to learn a few things from the MDS forum and Diane Malcor's tutorial was very straight forward and allowed me to create this:

 I used a Brocade Blue cardstock so that the watermark is visible; otherwise it's relatively opaque on my photos. Thank you Diane for the clear instructions. I'm happy that I now have a watermark- finally!

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  1. Love to see you enjoying MDS to the fullest. Making beauty everywhere you go. Love you friend!!


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