Thursday, December 12, 2013

Recycling Recyclables

I normally don't have a problem getting rid of extra stuff- clutter, paper, knick knacks, etc.- but when it comes to coffee cans, I just can't toss it. I always think there's just got to be a way to salvage these cans! Recently, I found a way to salvage our empty coffee cans into Christmas treat containers. I'm thinking of filling it up with candy or cocoa as simple gifts for my daughter's piano teacher or for that special neighbor of ours!

I used some burlap that I picked up from my Dad's house last year- it was the wrapping for a smoked ham and I just loved the unusual look of it. I have been cutting on it for some time and now I think I finally used all of it (sniff, sniff) but I love the results!

Just today I added a burlap fabric flower to the lid but it covered up my beautiful DSP. I might add 1 or 2 more elements (or not!) but I love the simplicity of this container and how I was able to recycle my recyclables:)

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  1. Love how you used these. Just got some burlap on my last order!! Yay!!


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