Wednesday, February 26, 2014

3x3 Teacher Notes

Wow- February where have you've flown too?! This month is rapidly coming to an end but I have enjoyed every day of it! Life is short and if you focus on the negative, life is even shorter! I love being centered by Christ and I'm amazed how all the little and big blessings are always a prayer away...

For a while now I've been meaning to make some quick and easy notes to pack in my daughter's school folder. Notes such as 'I'm picking Sarah up today' or 'here is money for Sarah's field trip' always look better on SU paper instead of a dog-eared scratch of paper that I quickly scribble on at the bus stop!

I needed some inspiration so this month's My Pumpkin Challenge fit the bill and I always enjoy any opportunity to use MPP kits! The theme for this month's challenge is 'All About Love' and using stamps, paper, and pre-cut shapes made this 3x3 notecard project a breeze. I used something from nearly all of my kits: Wahoo, Love Notes, Hello to You, Party Pennants, Pedal Praise, and Real Life Journal. If I was pressed to pick my favorite kit, I couldn't do it- I enjoy all of them very much!!!

Here are my 'from parent to teacher' 3x3 notes and envelopes. I'm linking over at My Paper Pumpkin right here:


  1. Jessica, these are all ADORABLE! And what a great idea! I see an emergency teacher note pack in my glove box's future! Thanks so much for linking at My Pumpkin Challenge!

    1. thanks Heather for your sweet reply. You don't know how many times YOU inspire me with your wonderful creations- you are so craftily clever!!!

  2. Love the idea of a teachers gift…and 3 x 3 note cards is awesome. Thanks Jess for sharing your talent with us at My Pumpkin Challenge. I await for your projects happily every month. Love it!!!

  3. Brilliant! The notes to teacher is such a great idea. They turned out lovely! Thanks for the inspiration.


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