Thursday, June 26, 2014

Teacher Gift Bags

Last month I got an early start on teacher gifts for my daughter's first grade core teaching team. I simply couldn't afford gift cards and other typical gifts so I decided to make them something practical/useful that they could use year-round: a zippered pouch. I used a couple of tutorials from here (my favorite fabric blog) and here and I embroidered the initial of their first name on the bag. The Stampin' Up fat quarters was the perfect size to make these lined bags.

Inside I stuffed it with candy, gum, chapstick, Germ-X, etc. It didn't cost a lot (BONUS!) and it was fun to make them. They were thrilled to receive them and I'm glad they liked them. I also made a bag for my daughter's piano teacher. I don't even want to think of all the work I will have to do when all THREE are in school but for now it's fun and I enjoy blessing others...

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  1. when the 3 are at school you may have a bit more time to make these. Yay! Well…maybe. Precious gifts Jess…I treasure the one you gave me about a year ago for my bday. I keep my jewels in it so I see it every single day. Love how talented you are! Love you sweet friend and miss you soo much!!


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